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Here are the current patches and files for Unreal Tournament. If you get the chance, install your chosen patch after installing Unreal Tournament, but before running it for the first time. Version 402 (and later) include fixes for the detection of graphics cards during the first 'run'.

A quick note regarding the 405b patch and DirectInput ... you may have noticed the loss of support for the middle mouse button with DirectInput enabled. Installing IntelliPoint 3.1 solves this problem.

There have been a lot of reports of Direct3D performance problems with some of the patches, so I'm adding all the available Direct3D DLLs to the Beta files section below. For more information, check Epic's Direct3D Troubleshooting page.

As all UT versions since 400 have been network compatible, there's not mileage making all the different patches available from the same page. So, I've reduced the list of patches to the latest version and its predecessor (just in case :-). Sunsite don't seem to mirror the files any longer (if anyone finds an FTP URL for Sunsite, please let me know).


File Date Description Info Size
UTPGPatch440.exe 17.02.03 Patch 440 from UTPG (the Unreal Tournament Preservation Group). A Zip version is also available here.This patch addresses the security exploits in UT that were 'announced' in February 2003. UTPG have Epic's backing to maintain the Unreal Tournament code base. ReadME440.txt 4,528Kb
UT436-IpDrv-070902.zip 09.07.02 Epic's replacement IP driver for UT 436 servers, which addresses the DoS (Denial of Service) and Windows 2000 creepng problems. Replace the IpDrv.dll file in UT\System with the file in the archive. Readme.txt 75Kb
Epic 08.11.00 Patch to upgrade Unreal Tournament to version 436. Use the link on the left to view Epic's list of download locations; I seem to get a good download rate from Blue's local mirror, so here's his page of mirrors. Check the Info link for full details of the changes. Epic Technology 7,206Kb


File Date Description Info Size
eaxutsys.exe 05.04.01 Creative Labs' EAX Library Patch for UnrealTournament; supports EAX-compatible sounds cards (e.g. SoundBlaster Live! and Audigy). You'll need to install this before adding the individual libraries. Check the Info link for more details. EAX 2,066Kb
uteaxctf.exe 09.03.01 Creative Labs' EAX Library for UnrealTournament CTF; supports the 9 original UT CTF maps only. Install after the EAX Library Patch. Check the Info link for more details. EAX 1,160Kb
uteaxdm.exe 21.12.00 Creative Labs' EAX Library for UnrealTournament DeathMatch; supports the 24 original UT DM maps only. Install after the EAX Library Patch. Check the Info link for more details. EAX 1,454Kb
Assault Bonus Pack 25.11.00 Eavy's excellent Assault Bonus Pack. This fixes a load of issues with UT's Assault game type, and (optionally) some great Assault maps. Download from the File link; you can choose which version to get (patch, full, with or without maps). Check the Info link for full details. Assault Bonus Pack n/a
utinoxxpack.zip 09.05.00 The Inoxx Pack for Unreal Tournament. Contains two deathmatch maps, and three capture-the-flag. Some users have reported problems with the umod version, which the File link points to; if you'd prefer to unzip the files manually, download from here and check the notes at the Info link. Inoxx Industries 4,953Kb
FilePlanet 25.02.00 The Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack. Adds 11 new multiplayer levels, 3 new character meshes, and Relics. Use the link on the left for a list of mirrors. ReadMe 13.82Mb

Beta Files

These are all the Direct3D and OpenGL DLL files published by Epic - some are from official patched versions of UT, some are beta. To 'install' any of the files, back up the original files (d3ddrv.dll and/or opengldrv.dll) from your Unreal\System directory and replace it/them with the file(s) in the Zip. Check Epic's Direct3D Troubleshooting page for their analysis of Direct3D issues with different video cards.

File Date Description Info Size
UT436-OpenGLDrv-090602.zip 06.09.02 OpenGL renderer, which 'fixes extension detection with very large extension strings'. The source is also available; download from the Info link. Epic 34Kb
opengldrv.zip 09.05.01 Beta OpenGL renderer, which fixes the black screen at exit bug (nVidia related). The Info link tells you how to install it and configure UT for it. (It also mentions that you're best off using the D3D renderer from the 436 patch, if you want to use Direct3D.) Epic 34Kb
renderers.zip 19.01.01 Beta Direct3D and OpenGL renderers, designed to take advantage of DirectX8 and support the DXT1 compressed textures from the second UT CD. Check out the Info link for important information regarding the OpenGL renderer. Epic 71Kb
ut_d3ddrv_436.zip 08.11.00 Direct3D driver, shipped with patch 436. Epic 59Kb
ut_d3ddrv_432.zip 05.10.00 Direct3D driver, shipped with patch 432. Epic 59Kb
ut_d3ddrv_428.zip 14.08.00 Direct3D driver, shipped with patch 428. Epic 59Kb
ut_d3ddrv_18d.zip 08.08.00 Direct3D driver, revision 1.8d. Epic 58Kb
ut_d3ddrv_18b.zip 03.08.00 Direct3D driver, revision 1.8b. Epic 59Kb
ut_d3ddrv_425.zip 01.08.00 Direct3D driver, shipped with patch 425. Epic 57Kb
ut_d3ddrv_420.zip 23.05.00 Direct3D driver, shipped with patch 420. Epic 57Kb
ut_d3ddrv_08.zip 28.03.00 Direct3D driver, revision 0.8. Epic 56Kb
ut_d3ddrv_413.zip 27.03.00 Direct3D driver, shipped with patch 413. Epic 56Kb
ut_d3ddrv_06.zip ? Direct3D driver, revision 0.6. Epic 56Kb
ut_d3ddrv_03.zip 27.01.00 Direct3D driver, revision 0.3. Epic 56Kb
ut_d3ddrv_02.zip ? Direct3D driver, revision 0.2. Epic 56Kb
ut_d3ddrv_405b.zip 10.01.00 Direct3D driver, shipped with patch 405b. Epic 56Kb

A few Unreal Tournament Sites

Unreal Technology Epic's Unreal Technology page, which contains descriptions of all the patches and problems as they arise, as well as news from the developers.
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Blue's News Major Unreal Tournament stories as opposed to an in-depth Unreal site.
PlanetUnreal A great news and information site from the makers of PlanetQuake.
Nali City Hosted by PlanetUnreal, this is one of the best sites supporting home-grown maps.
Unreal Tower This is the home of the mod author MeltDown. Check out his ExternalSniper mod, it's well worth it...