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IntelliPoint allows you to set up your Microsoft mouse hardware, from setting the basic double-click speed to defining the behaviour of an IntelliMouse's wheel. Version 3.0 introduced the ability to program each of the mouse buttons independently, and support for all of the Microsoft mouse devices. Version 4.01 introduced the ability to set up individual button assignments for different applications.

File Date Description Info Size
Microsoft 27.03.03 IntelliPoint 4.12 for all Microsoft meeces; select your OS in the download page. Note that IntelliPoint 4.12 requires MS-IE 5 or later (to view the Help files) and does not support Windows 95. Microsoft 9,918Kb
setupeng.exe 22.12.98 IntelliPoint 2.2 upgrade from IntelliPoint 2.0. none 1,266Kb 05.03.97 IntelliPoint 2.0. none 907Kb

IntelliType Pro

IntelliType Pro software provides full functionality for the Microsoft Office Keyboard, Wireless Desktop, Natural Keyboard Pro, Internet Keyboard Pro, and Internet Keyboard. Many individual keys can be reassigned or disabled as necessary.

File Date Description Info Size
Microsoft 06.09.01 IntelliType Pro 2.11; select your OS in the download page, but note that Windows 95 is not supported. Also, MS-IE 4.01 SP2 or later must be installed for you to be able to read the Help files. Microsoft 7,861Kb

SideWinder Game Controller Software

Microsoft have been a bit slack labelling their SideWinder Game Controller Software CDs - they all read 'version 3.0' when in fact they're a variety of 3.00, 3.01 and 3.02. Check the volume label of the CD in Windows Explorer when the CD is in your drive to be sure - it'll usually read SW301..., SW302... or similar. In case your CD isn't up to date, here's a link to Microsoft's download of 3.02.

One quick note - the 3.02 that you get on the CD is later than the one you download ... don't you just love quality version control ?

Another quick note - if you're using the USB version of the Force Feedback Wheel, then you'll be running version 4.0 of the SideWinder Game Controller Software; don't overwrite this with version 3.02. In fact, 3.02 and 4.0 work alongside each other, to ensure USB and pre-USB controllers can both be supported at the same time. It's also worth mentioning that Windows XP doesn't support game controllers connected via a game port.

File Date Description Info Size
SWGameEN.exe 10.08.98 Game Controller Software 3.02 for SideWinder game controllers. Microsoft 6,745Kb