Unreal Tournament Mutators - Map Randomizer

Why don't I need the Map Randomizer any more?

Because XMaps is here!!

What is the Map Randomizer?

The idea behind this Mutator is simple - to get Unreal Tournament to select maps at random, without changing any other part of the game. At the end of each level, the Map Randomizer picks a map from your map list at random. It doesn't change your map lists, and it won't select a map a second time until all the maps have been played once. When all the maps in the list have been played, it starts all over again, picking maps in another random sequence.

Because it's a Mutator, it'll work in any game type, and you don't need to set anything up to get it started. I've tested it both stand-alone and using a dedicated server; both styles of play work fine.

For those of you who don't want to be tied to a specific set of maps, I've added a 'Use All My Maps' feature. This is turned on and off from the Mod menu - select 'Map Randomizer...' from the Mod menu and check 'Use All My Maps'. When this option is on, the Mutator will ignore your map lists and pick a map at random from your Unreal Tournament installation, every time the level changes. Uncheck 'Use All My Maps' to go back to random map list cycling. Note that Use All My Maps is off by default.

Check out the MapRandomizer.txt file for more details, including installation instructions for Windows. If you're running Unreal Tournament on a Mac, check out the excellent osX site - on the Main Page you'll find a Mutators section, which includes a umod Installer that Mac users will need to install .umod files.

File Date Description Info Size
FilePlanet 25.06.00 Map Randomizer 100, the intitial release. This is the download hosted by FilePlanet. MapRandomizer.txt 15Kb
MapRandomizer100.zip 25.06.00 Map Randomizer 100, the intitial release. This is a link to my local copy of the file. MapRandomizer.txt 15Kb