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Here are the current patches and files for Unreal Tournament 2003.


File Date Description Info Size
ut2003-DefOpenAL32- 11.07.03 Updated DefOpenAL32 DLL (v0.9.9.1) for UT2003 2225. This version 'fixes spatialization issues with the default software mixer'. To install the DLL, backup the current version in your UT2003\System directory and replace it with the contents of the Zip file. Epic 67Kb
ut2003-winpatch2225.exe 22.04.03 UT2003 Patch 2225, the latest version of UT2003 for Windows. 2225 includes a lot of new features like the UT Classic mutator, support for the Bright Skins mod and much more. UT2003 12,640Kb
UT2003DedicatedServer2199.zip 18.02.03 UT2003 Dedicated Server 2199 for Windows, the free cut-down version for running a server. You'll need to go here to get a dedicated server key if you want to advertise the server. UT2003 253,440Kb


File Date Description Info Size
ut2003-BrightSkins.exe 22.04.03 UT2003 Bright Skins mod from Epic, which brightens the team skins and turns off the shoulder lights. Used with the UT Classic mutator from Patch 2225, this makes UT2003 look more like the original UnrealTournament. You'll need to install Patch 2225 before installing/using this mod. UT2003 31,677Kb
UT2003-epicbonuspackone.exe 11.03.03 Epic's first Bonus Pack for UT2003, with 10 new maps, 3 new game types, 2 new adrenaline combos and some much better announcers. Note that you need UT2003 2199 (at least) to install this. UT2003 153,236Kb
debonus.ut2mod.zip 31.01.03 The UMOD version of Digital Extremes' first Bonus Pack for UT2003, including 6 new maps. Note that you need a non-dedicated server version of UT2003 2166 (at least) to install this. UT2003 73,220Kb

A few Unreal Tournament 2003 Sites

Unreal Tournament 2003 The game's 'home page'.
InfoGrames forum InfoGrames UT2003 forum, a great place to get advice and help on the game.
Unreal Technology Epic's Unreal Technology page, which contains descriptions of all the patches and problems as they arise, as well as news from the developers. Sources and debug-versions of the UT2003 packages are also posted here by Epic.
Blue's News Major UT2003 stories as opposed to an in-depth Unreal site.
PlanetUnreal A great news and information site (XMaps' one-time host site).
Unreal Tower This is the home of the mod author and AGUT FAQ maintainer MeltDown.