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Quake ... the number of add-on maps, utilities and patches available on the Net goes up every single day. This page of GWeb will, hopefully, help you wade through the stuff that's out there, and cut through to the bits you actually need.

The only files I'll post specific links for are the essential files and utilities that everyone might need. There are plenty of Web sites that do a much better job than I could tracking and reviewing, for example, custom maps - links to some of these sites are posted at the end of this page.

Where possible, I'm posting FTP links for the files on one of the fastest Walnut Creek mirrors that I've found in the UK (SunSITE Northern Europe).

The Three Main Versions of Quake

File Date Description Info Size
glq1114.exe 14.11.97 GLQuake (0.97) - now supports chipset-specific installation. You'll need a 3D card based around either the PowerVR or 3Dfx chipset to run this - check out the PowerVR and 3Dfx pages for the OpenGL drivers. Zanshin's Dojo 393Kb 21.03.97 WinQuake (1.00). This is Quake designed to run under Windows95, using good ol' DirectX instead of running 'in a DOS box'. If you don't have a 3D card that supports GLQuake, this is the Quake for you. None 337Kb 02.10.96 Shareware Quake (1.06). The original. id Software 8,881Kb


If you're interested in Quake over the 'Net, check out the QuakeWorld and GameSpy websites. You'll find GameSpy under GWeb Applications.

Note also that these links are for the Windows95/NT files - if you want the Unix versions, head over to the QuakeWorld site.

File Date Description Info Size
qw230.exe 27.08.98 QuakeWorld Client installer (2.30). This is Quake optimised to run over the Internet. QuakeWorld 818Kb 27.08.98 QuakeWorld Client zipped (2.30). This is a Zip containing the upgraded v2.30 client files. QuakeWorld 594Kb 27.08.98 QuakeWorld Server (2.30). You too can be a QuakeWorld server ! QuakeWorld 218Kb

Quake Utilities

File Date Description Info Size 15.03.98 Full installation of QuakeOn (1.10, includes QTray 1.11). This is just about the best Quake front-end I've seen. Set up all the options you need to start Quake in one excellent application - and it runs Hexen II, too. Take the time to check out the QuakeOn page, hosted by Planet Quake. This is the first version which includes Quake II support. QuakeOn 1,448Kb 15.03.98 Patch to upgrade QuakeOn from 1.0 to 1.10 (includes QTray 1.11). You should only use this patch if you already have QuakeOn 1.0 installed. QuakeOn 226Kb

Quake Bots

The author of the WarBot has taken the project offline - he's renamed it the QuakeBot, and the final version is 1.1. The WarBot Page doesn't appear to be around any more, but for more information, check out Randar's Bot News...

File Date Description Info Size 24.03.98 The Omicron Bot (1.02). Omicron Page 986Kb 08.12.97 QuakeBot (1.1). Updated and improved version of the original Reaper - final release. None 635Kb 19.11.96 The Reaper Bot (0.81). Steve Polge's original bot. reaprb81.txt 164Kb

Excellent Quake and Quake II Sites

Blue's News All the Quake news that's fit to print
Talon's Strike The best custom Quake levels reviewed and rated
Planet Quake Excellent coverage of everything that is Quake
Stomped Another Quake-related supersite