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This page will be updated with the latest Glide drivers etc. as and when they are published. As with the PowerVR page, drivers for individual cards exploiting the 3Dfx chipsets (such as the Orchid Righteous 3D) will be posted on their own, manufacturer-dependant pages.

Glide Run-time Drivers

These drivers are used by the gaming world to 'talk to' the 3Dfx chipset. As such, they're manufacturer-independant - all the Voodoo-based cards use the same Glide drivers. Note that some older games may require a specific version of Glide - check the game's documentation for details.

File Date Description Info Size
RkVG.exe 08.03.98 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics drivers for Windows 95 and 98 (3.00). Includes support for Glide 2.46, Glide 3, Direct3D and DirectX. 3Dfx 862Kb

GLQuake, GLHexen II and Quake II OpenGL miniports

For those of you who are new to 3Dfx and GLQuake, you need to (1) install GLQuake, (2) install Glide and then (3) install the OpenGL miniport.

If you want to read more about 3Dfx and GLQuake, check out the GLQuake FAQ from 3Dfx. There are loads of utilities and FAQs supporting and covering GLQuake and Quake II on the 3Dfx Voodoo chipset - I'll post links when I come across good ones.

File Date Description Info Size
q2miniinst.exe 24.03.98 3Dfx OpenGL miniport for Quake II (no version info). 3Dfx 139Kb
glqminiinst.exe 24.03.98 3Dfx OpenGL miniport for GLQuake and GLHexen II (no version info). 3Dfx 139Kb

Tomb Raider

File Date Description Info Size
trub3dfx.exe 21.03.98 Tomb Raider Gold add-on levels for the original retail version of Tomb Raider (Unfinished Business and Shadow of the Cat). Eidos 6,649Kb


Note that there's a small problem with 3DCC if you use the 4.1.1 PowerVR drivers ... VideoLogic discuss the problem and it's resolution in Support Note 308. NEC will, apparently, be releasing a new version of 3DCC to cope with the problem.

File Date Description Info Size
3DCC.zip 07.10.97 3D Control Centre (1.0). This tiny utility loads into your Windows 95 system tray and allows you to select which 3D card will be 'active' at any one time. Great for those lucky people who have more than one 3D card ! None 42Kb

3Dfx/Voodoo Sites

Hmmm ... I'll have to find them first ... for now -

Zanshin's GLDojo Everything that is GLQuake ... from the guru himself.