XMaps: UT the way you want, when you want...

XMaps is designed to significantly extend UnrealTournament's map selection capabilities in both stand-alone and multiplayer games.  The original game limits of 32 maps per list and one custom list per game type have been removed - XMaps supports 100 custom map lists that can hold up to 250 maps each, and can be used for any game type or mod supported by UT...  

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XMaps2K for UT2003

XMaps for Unreal Tournament 2003 (XMaps2K) is no longer being developed, but you can get the final beta (with just one mutator, 'Warp') from the beta releases section of the Downloads page.

Quickies: What are you waiting for ?

  • The latest versions of XMaps and XMaps Remote Control can be found in the Downloads section.
  • Need a quick cure for your woes & worries ? - the FAQ may have the answer!
  • Check out the News for all the latest ... news.  Bizarre, but true.
  • Keep up to date with the current slate of suggestions for XMaps in the To-do list.
  • Want to know how to set up and use XMaps ? Complete documentation is online for both XMaps and XMaps Remote Control.


Want to know what you get before you download ? - check out the Screenshots & read all about it in What is XMaps ?

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