Will XMaps work with UT2003?
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Sadly, no.  The user interface in UT2003 (which XMaps uses for the HUD Menu, client and configuration windows) has had a complete rewrite.  While the new interface looks quite a lot easier to manage, it means that XMaps' windows will also need a complete rewrite to use it.

XMaps for Unreal Tournament 2003 (XMaps2K) is currently under development; check out the News page for updates and the beta releases section of the Downloads page to grab the latest beta.

I'm having problems using XMaps Remote Control under Linux.  Any ideas?
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[TouchStone] Thanks (once again!) to Anthony Woods for this info...

UT has issues with the remote web server access and the newer versions of linux. ie. Redhat 7.x, Mandrake 8.x etc. etc.

There is a thread on theadminpage forum discussion (here) regarding the problems; a number of solutions were offered but Jovi's worked best for me and was very easy to accomplish.

[TouchStone] You can view the contents of the post here.

Can I use XMaps with total conversions like NeoCairo and Infiltration?
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Whether XMaps can run or load in total conversions depends completely upon the way the conversion is written.  Many conversions (like Strike Force and Infiltration) don't support a mod menu, so you won't be able to configure XMaps using that method.  NeoCairo, specifically, replaces the UT Mod Menu with it's own, which doesn't actually look for any mods, so you can't get to XMaps' configuration that way. (Note that you can get the UT Mod menu back, though, by changing the 'ModMenuClass' entry in the [UMenu.UMenuMenuBar] section of TeamOrbit.ini from 'TeamOrbit.OW_UMenuModMenu' to 'UMenu.UMenuModMenu'.)

The other problem that XMaps has with many total conversions is that their game- and map-types are not known to UT, and therefore are not known to XMaps either.  So you can't, for example, create Extended Lists for them, since the Game Type never shows up.  In some cases, such as NeoCairo, you can still load XMaps as a mutator and get it to control - for example - the game rules, but you won't be able to switch to the custom game type or pick it's maps from any lists, because UT is unaware of them, so XMaps is unaware too.

Sometimes, though, the conversions simply extend the existing UT map types.  Infiltration, for example, extends the original map types - Deathmatch maps are named, for example, DM-INF-Chasm.unr.   This means that they can be added to XMaps' Extended map lists, and loaded into any game type using Game Override.  To get this working, you need to 'tell' UT where the files are located - open up your UnrealTournament.ini file, and find the [Core.System] section.  In that section, there are a number of Paths=... entries, which tell UT where to look for files.  In a typical Infiltration installation, for example, you would need to add these paths for UT to find the Infiltration files:


The next time UT runs up, you'll be able to select the Infiltration maps in XMaps' Setup windows and the HUD Menu.

I've added all bots to my multi-player game, but UT only shows 31 players.  Why?
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This appears to be a bug in UT.  If you view the players (usually using the F1 key), the 32nd player is never shown in multiplayer games.  If I find a work-around for this problem, I'll let you know here.

Does XMaps' bot control support XBots?
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Yes.  Since XBots only changes the bots available to UT, and not the way UT actually selects bots, XMaps' bot control works alongside XBots.  Whenever possible, I always design XMaps' new features to work alongside other mutators.

Does XMaps work with CSHP?
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Yes.  Personally I use CSHP4+ on my test system, and XMaps has no problems at all.

I'm using 'Add Bot' to add a named bot, but a different bot gets loaded.  Why?
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This can happen when a mutator is loaded that changes the way UT selects bots so names can't be chosen.  The only mutator I've come across that causes this problem is 'Bot32', which was released to address the UT bug that meant only the first 16 of the 32 available bots ever got chosen.  This was actually fixed in UT version 413, so Bot32 can safely be removed from any 413-or-later installation.

If Bot32 is loaded, XMaps can't add named bots.  Put simply, with UT 413 and later, Bot32 simply isn't necessary.

What's up with XMaps and the "Rocket Arena: All Maps" game type?
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The "Rocket Arena: All Maps" game type that comes with Rocket Arena doesn't specify a particular map prefix (like 'DM', or 'CTF') - this is how it allows you to pick any type of map when you create a map list for it.  XMaps uses the map prefix that a game type specifies to set up things like Extended Map lists and the 'Maps Installed' HUD Menu option, so this causes XMaps a real problem. For example, it can't list any maps for "Rocket Arena: All Maps" in 'Maps Installed', and it can't create an Extended Map list for it either.

Note that you can still choose any Rocket Arena map in the 'Rocket Arena' HUD Menu option, because that specifies 'RA-' as it's map prefix.  All XMaps features will work just fine with the "Rocket Arena" game type, but XMaps will not (cannot) support the creation of Extended Lists for "Rocket Arena: All Maps".

Do I need a ServerPackage=XMaps entry for XMaps to work on my server?
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Basically, no.  That INI file entry is a hangover from versions prior to XMaps 220, and is no longer necessary - only the XMapsClient232 entry is actually needed for XMaps' network support.  If you leave it in, clients won't get a mismatch error if they connect to your server with an earlier version of XMaps installed, because XMaps.u is a server-side only package.  If you want to remove it, go ahead...

The umod installer for XMaps 221 and later does not add the ServerPackage=XMaps line to your UT INI file, but does add the XMapsClient232 entry. It cannot remove the line for the old version, though, so you must always remove that by hand when upgrading or re-installing XMaps. The XMaps documentation (included with the download, and also available on-line) describes this in detail.

I don't need the XMaps Client option in the Mod menu - can it be removed?
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It certainly can.  Open up the file 'XMaps.int' file in your UT\System directory and remove the last line, the one that starts "Object=(Name=XMaps.XMapsClientMenuItem".  Once this line is removed, only the main XMaps option will show on the Mod menu.

How do I open the Client Setup window if I forgot to set up a key-binding?
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If you have XMaps 221 or later installed on your PC/Mac, then you can use the XMaps Client option in the UT Mod menu.  You can also use the Options | Preferences | Controls window from the UT menu and assign a key to 'Open Client Setup' in the XMaps section.

If you don't have XMaps installed on your PC/Mac, and you're connected to a server that's running XMaps, you can bring down the mini-console and use the command "mutate xmaps hudsetup".  The mini-console is usually accessed by the Tab key.  Don't use the main console - if you do, the Client Setup window will hide it when it closes. (I may be able to introduce a work-around for this - keep an eye on the To-do List.)

How do I become an Admin user?
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When you start a network game, the Server tab gives you the chance to set up an Admin password; this is the password you need to become recognised as the Admin User.  When the game is playing (or I expect you could set it up in a script or similar), you need to bring down the console and enter the command ADMINLOGIN <password>, where <password> is the Admin Password set up in the Server tab.  Then, you're the admin user and can do things like using XMaps to switch the map or game type.

In XMaps 220 and later, you can get XMaps to do this for you by using the Client Setup window when you connect to a server.  Easy, eh? We like to please ;-)

What issues are there running XMaps on Linux?
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[TouchStone] A big thanks to Anthony Woods for this info...

"Here are some of the issues I have come up with using Linux in running UT, not necessarily with XMAPS.  Most of my XMAPS/UT issues cleared up after I put a -nohomedir flag in my ucc server run script after the ucc run command (on the same line).  Otherwise the INI files are cached into the home directory and it can not update correctly.  Ex. ucc server DM-Deck16][ blah blah blah -nohomedir.

This should clear up a TON of issues.  Simple command that was unknown to me until I found the fix on the web and tried it.

Also, regarding the filename lettering.  Uppercase and lowercase letters are very sensitive in UT and Linux.  I run into this a lot on my redirect site (on my ISP).  I have to consistently rename maps to get around this error.  Also, there is no spaces in linux.  So replace it with a "_" instead.  No quick fix for this issue that I have found yet.  I did notice that when LOKI created the ucc run file for unreal tournament it has some sort of upper/lower case fix, but I can not find the way they did this."

I'm running a dedicated server, and XMaps stops running after a game switch. Why?
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XMaps 205 (and earlier) reads the [UTMenu.UTStartGameCW] section of UnrealTournament.ini to see which Mutators to load when it switches game types.  If XMaps isn't in this list, it won't be reloaded when the new game type starts.  You may find that this list isn't even present in INI files for dedicated servers ... XMaps 206 (and later) automatically adds itself to the list of mutators loaded in a game switch, so this won't be a problem any longer.

Why didn't I hear about the release of XMaps 206?
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XMaps 206 was a pre-release version that included the first incarnation of the in-game HUD menu, but for stand-alone games only.  This was only published to the XMaps mailing list ... if you want to join the list, just drop me a line.

What do all the XMaps INI files actually do?
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Check out the INI Files section in the XMaps site menu for the answers...

Which version of UnrealTournament does XMaps need?
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In theory, XMaps only needs UnrealTournament version 413 or later to work, but I've had a lot of reports of problems with the Mod menu and game/map switching that were resolved by upgrading UT to 436 (which is what the umod installer enforces).  As you'd probably expect, the best advice I can offer is to keep UT up to date ... if a new UT patch is released, I'll check out XMaps with it and post any problems in the XMaps News pages and to the XMaps mailing list.  It's extremely unlikely that any changes made to UT will break XMaps' compatibility, but I'll keep my eyes open.