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About these pages.

In response to all the emails and newsgroup postings I end up responding to regarding AGP conflicts, bus mastering IDE drivers and support for various Intel chipsets, I've decided to post all the information on GWeb. Most of the information on this page comes directly from Intel, specifically the excellent Troubleshooting Common System Configuration Issues document they've published. Check out the following links for each of the GWeb Intel pages.

Identifying Intel - how to identify your Intel chipset and/or processor.
INF Installation Utility - what it's for, addressing the AGP memory conflict, and downloads.
Pentium 4 - some specific software and information for Pentium 4 owners and upgrades.
Bus Master IDE Drivers - what they're for, removing the drivers under '95 and '98, and downloads.
Troubleshooting document - download.

Identifying your Chipset

This couldn't really be easier, with Intel's own Chipset ID utility (download below). The utility cannot recognise chipsets earlier than the 430s, though, so if your chipset isn't recognised you're running a very old motherboard ;-) Seriously, you could try SiSoft SANDRA, WCPUID or a similar diagnostic tool to find your chipset ID if it's that old, or not one of Intel's.

Identifying your Processor

Intel provide a Processor Frequency ID Utility that can report the type and frequency of your Intel processor. It comes in two flavours; a Windows version and a bootable version. The Windows version is available for Windows 98 and later only; if you have Windows 95, you can use the bootable version instead (use the Info link below to find it). Once again, WCPUID or a similar diagnostic tool could also be used to identify your processor (especially if it's not an Intel 8-).

Intel Identification Utilities

File Date Description Info Size
Intel 05.09.03 Intel's Chipset ID Utility, version 2.86. Use the File link to select your OS and download. Once downloaded, place it in a convenient folder and simply run it; there's no installation required. Note that the utility does not support chipsets prior to the 430. Intel 128Kb
Intel 12.06.03 The Windows version of the Intel Processor Frequency ID Utility, version 5.6. Use the File link to select your language and download. Run the downloaded file to install. Intel 1,993Kb