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A note for potential GLHexen II users ... since Hexen II uses the Quake engine, you'll find that the drivers that support GLQuake will support GLHexen II. If you have a PowerVR-based card, check out the PowerVR page for the PowerVR OpenGL driver. 3Dfx owners, check out the 3Dfx page.

If you're after the Activision patches, use the Activision File or Info links below and select the patch from their support pages to get the files - the direct FTP links I posted before don't work any more, presumably Activision have an FTP redirector ban in place.

File Date Description Info Size
Activision 03.04.98 Patch to upgrade Hexen II Mission Pack: Portal of Praevus v1.12A. Activision 628Kb 22.11.97 Patch to fix the Eidolon bug in Hexen II v1.11. eidofix.txt 334Kb
Activision 28.10.97 Patch to upgrade Hexen II to 1.11. This patch includes all others released ... which is why it's so big. If you're going to run GLHexen II, be sure to download and install this patch. Activision 6,311Kb