LucasArts' XvT Web Page X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter

Right ... I've had to redo the links on this page since LucasArts reorganised their FTP site. Basically, there is now only one patch for XvT - version 1.1.4 (i.e. the fourth version of the v1.1 patch). This is described as the '3Dfx' patch, and sure enough, the only 3D cards officially supported are Voodoo-based. This doesn't mean you won't be able to run XvT once you've patched it if you don't have a 3Dfx card, though - you simply don't get the option to select a 3Dfx card in the Launcher. Upgrading with this patch takes you from XvT v1.0 to XvT v1.1 - it's essential for multiplayer gaming, and gives you all the fixes and enhancements LucasArts have released for the game.

But what about PowerVR support, I hear you cry ? Well, far from the rumours that were floating around at the end of 1997 (i.e. "LucasArts will never support PowerVR"), the Balance of Power mission pack, campaign disk - whatever - has PowerVR support. It's really tricky to install, though - in the Choose 3D Card section of the Launcher, you pick, er, PowerVR (doh). Once you have the Balance of Power, your game becomes version 2.0.

File Date Description Info Size
XvT_3Dfx.exe 08.12.97 XvT upgrade patch (1.1.4). LucasArts 1,502Kb
xvtdemo.exe 03.07.97 The demo from LucasArts. LucasArts 6,284Kb