XMaps: UT the way you want, when you want

XMaps is designed to significantly extend UnrealTournament's map selection capabilities in both stand-alone and multiplayer games. The original game limits of 32 maps per list and one custom list per game type have been removed - XMaps supports 100 custom map lists that can hold up to 250 maps each, and can be used for any game type or mod supported by UT.

XMaps also supports Mutator lists that can be set up for each map list and each type of game, and can match the number of players in the game to whatever the map designer recommends. In team games, XMaps can ensure that the number of players on each team is the same, even if the map designer didn't recommend a number of players.

XMaps can also automatically switch between any Game Types or mods you select, while using all of XMaps' other features at the same time. Key bindings allow you to skip or repeat a level, change the Time Limit or game goal (such as the Frag Limit) and switch game types, all while a level is playing. An in-game HUD menu allows you to switch games or maps at any time, as well as set XMaps options, change UT Rules and load any map installed in UT - even if it's not in any of your map lists. You have complete control over HUD menu access, using the Server Options window.

Random map selection is also included, and although it's based on the idea of my Map Randomizer mutator, XMaps goes way beyond what that could do. Up to 250 Favourite maps can be set up for any game type, and you can set up specific XMaps behaviour for all your favourite mods.

So ... pick any UnrealTournament game, create a few map lists, pick your favourite maps and the mutators you like; fire up UT and you never need to set the Game options again. At the end of a level, XMaps will switch to your game type, load one of your maps, automatically set up the right number of players and then load each of your favourite Mutators...

I've added as many features as I could from the requests of existing XMaps users; I'd like to thank all the people who took the time to mail me with suggestions, feature requests and general comments - it's much appreciated.

Check out XMaps' basic features, or the Installation, Running XMaps and Configuring XMaps sections of this documentation for more information.

I hope that XMaps will improve your UnrealTournament experience - whether you just play stand-alone practise sessions, or you run your own server. I'm keen to add any features that make XMaps as useful as possible, so if you have any ideas, drop me a line.


TouchStone, August 2003.
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