The SynthEdit Page XGEdit for Windows95

XGEdit by Gary Gregson is an excellent application which allows you to modify all of the effects and parameters offered by the Yamaha DB50XG daughter board using an intuitive graphical interface. Other synth/MIDI controller cards in the same league are also supported - check out the Info link below for details.

Version 2.63 includes a 'stay on top' feature, AD mutes, support for extended XG features of the new SW1000XG PCI sound card, improved refresh function, improved File Saves, plugin card selection and support (VL, VH, DX), improved voice selection and several bug fixes (now includes correct routing of SW outputs to DS2416). Gary's readme file also mentions that 2.63 'fixes a minor problem with Insertion 1 and Variation LEDs of Analogue panel, and a minor anomaly in MIDI file data'.

Version 2.645 is a minor release over 2.63 - Gary's added an element usage indicator to voice lists, and numeric values to Analogue mixer sliders.

File Date Description Info Size 04.02.99 XGEdit intaller for Windows95 (2.645). XGEdit Page 1,572Kb
XGedit95.pdf 02.08.98 The XGEdit manual in PDF format. XGEdit Page 673Kb