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The 'three-track' version of Ultim@te Race was bundled with Matrox's m3D and VideoLogic's Apocalypse 3Dx, basically to show off the PowerVR (PCX2) chipset - and boy, does it show it off ! Consequently I've posted all the files available for that version of the game on the PowerVR page.

Ultim@te Race Pro, however, supports PowerVR, 3Dfx and Direct3D - so, it gets posted on it's own page. Here you'll find the demo of the game, and the patches released by Kalisto.

For those of you who want to give internet multiplayer a go, check out the Ultim@te Race Chat Room.

File Date Description Info Size
urp_patch_140.exe 27.10.98 Ultim@te Race Pro patch (v1.40) - adds a lot of fixes for multiplayer and 3Dfx-based cards. See the Info link for full details. Kalisto 2.5Mb
betaurp1_1.zip 08.05.98 Ultim@te Race Pro beta patch (v1.1) - enhances multiplayer mode among other things. See the Info link for full details. Kalisto 1,950Kb
DemoUR.exe 26.01.98 The Ultim@te Race Pro demo, without the intro. VideoLogic 19,486Kb
DemoUR.exe 22.01.98 The Ultim@te Race Pro demo, with the intro. VideoLogic 25,657Kb