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Tomb Raider

There are a couple of patches available for the retail version of Tomb Raider, which make the game look even better on certain graphics gards - check out the Matrox page for the Mystique/Mystique 220 version, and the PowerVR page for the PowerVR version. There's also a PowerVR patch for Tomb Raider - Unfinished Business on the PowerVR page.

Card-specific demos and other graphics card patches are available on Eidos' Tomb Raider web page.

File Date Description Info Size
trubsoft.exe 21.03.98 Tomb Raider Gold add-on levels for the original retail version of Tomb Raider (Unfinished Business and Shadow of the Cat). Eidos 6,602Kb

Tomb Raider II

File Date Description Info Size
patch304.exe 16.01.98 Tomb Raider II Patch for Apocalypse PowerVR. This resolves the slowing down of the game when using the Videologic 4.1.0 drivers. It's really just a Registry setting, and is built into the driver installation of v4.1.1. None 26Kb
tr2p1.exe 03.12.97 Tomb Raider II Patch 1. This resolves a problem that some users experience - the CD-ROM is accessed constantly during the game. Check the Info link for more information. tr2p1readme.txt 352Kb