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MotorHead has to be classed as one of a new breed of PC motor racing games - the game looks great, the cars drive like you wouldn't believe, but best of all it's goodbye to the (ultimately) boring, predictable PC opponents. The AI of the 'computer' cars is fantastic - no two races are ever the same, and even when you've made the top of the first division you'll keep coming back for more...

In Ultim@te Race, the key to the game was power-sliding 'round everything - in MotorHead, the key is getting the feel of your car, and racing the hell out of the tracks as you learn them. I haven't had so much fun with a game for absolutely ages ... believe me, this is one addictive racer !

The Direct3D demo is now available - I've not tried it, but from what I hear it really is just a taster (one track only ?) so it's a "try-before-you-buy".

File Date Description Info Size 14.09.00 MotorHead GeForce HUD fix for the European version of the game. Note that patch 3.0 must be installed before this is used. Check the Info link for patches for the other game versions. If that link fails, go here, select Download and then MotorHead. Digital Illusions 439Kb
mhp30.exe 26.03.99 MotorHead patch 3.0. This version adds two new cars, support for multiplayer via MPlayer and other bits and pieces. Just in case you're wondering, all previous patches are also included. Digital Illusions 13,697Kb
mhp22.exe 27.11.98 MotorHead patch 2.2. This version supercedes patch 2.1, which added SGL rendering to the game - top ! Digital Illusions 8,959Kb
mh_demo2.exe 28.08.98 MotorHead demo, full Direct3D version. 3DFiles 10.5Mb
motorp14.exe 19.06.98 Beta patch to upgrade MotorHead to v1.4. All eight tracks are available in reverse, single player and multiplayer modes - check the Info link for details. Once you've installed the patch, the eight reversed tracks are available as the original maps with an 'R' on the end (e.g. GoldbridgeR). DICE 2.8Mb
motorp13.exe 28.05.98 Patch to upgrade MotorHead to v1.3 (the retail version was 1.2). Most of the fixes are for internet gaming - check the Info link for details. DICE 1.7Mb
motordemo_soft.exe 11.05.98 MotorHead demo, software graphics mode. DICE 8Mb
motordemo_3dfx.exe 11.05.98 MotorHead demo, 3Dfx graphics mode. DICE 10Mb