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Evaluation Versions

McAfee, Network General, PGP & Helix have merged to create a new company, Network Associates. To get evaluation versions of the McAfee products, you now need to fill in a user information form to get the software. The link below will take you to the Network Associates Evaluation Download page.

Note for users of Version 2.x

McAfee have now phased out the 9700 series of virus definition data files. The December 1997 DAT file for this series, dat-9712, was the last public release. To check which version you're running, right-click on the VShield icon in the system tray, and select the About menu option. The McAfee VShield number, shown at the top of the About VShield window, is the version of VirusScan you're running. Network Associates have published a later file, in March '98, which they have announced will be the last file available for users of 2.x versions.

Note regarding detection of Melissa

To use the April '99 .DAT files to detect Melissa and related viruses, your anti-virus software must have v3.2.2 of the Network Associates scanning engine or later. Check the Help | About menu item in any VirusScan product to determine the version you're running.

File Date Description Info Size 15.09.99 September '99 virus data definitions for McAfee VirusScan, version 3.x README.TXT 679Kb
Evaluation n/a The Evaluation Download page for Network Associates None n/a
Dat-9803.Zip 15.03.98 March 1998 virus data definitions for McAfee VirusScan, version 2.x Whatsnew.2x 444Kb