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In my humble opinion, Max Payne is one of the best action games I've ever come across. The community is just beginning to get going, so keep an eye out for mods and home-grown levels.


File Date Description Info Size
BluesNews 21.01.02 Max Payne 1.05 patch. This includes all the changes from the 1.02 patch and fixes some game-exit problems. 3DRealms 4,997Kb


File Date Description Info Size
BluesNews 25.01.02 Patch to update the Max Payne Demo to 1.05, which includes the fixes from the 1.05 retail patch. 3DRealms 4,652Kb
BluesNews 25.01.02 Full Max Payne Demo 1.05. 3DRealms 133,983Kb

A few useful Sites

The Official Site The official Max Payne site. If you're interested in modifying the game or developing your own levels, check out their Tutorials page.
The Publisher's Site The publishers of Max Payne.
The Developer's Site The developer's site.