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Unfortunately, as of 15th May 2002, InoculateIT Personal Edition has been retired by Computer Associates. The technology behind it has been incorporated into their eTrust EZ Armor 'solution set', available from Their direct replacement for InoculateIT PE is called eTrust EZ Antivirus.

GWeb is not a sales-based site, so you'll find it unusual to hear me recommending that you buy something, but InoculateIT PE/eTrust EZ Antivirus has never failed to impress me. Since I started using it, I've never contracted a virus, and it's performance overhead isn't even noticable. If you're not running a scanner, and you haven't shelled out for another solution, I'd strongly recommend you check out eTrust EZ Antivirus.

If you're looking for the old GWeb InoculateIT PE page, you'll find it archived here.