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HDTach is a great little utility for benchmarking physical hard drive performance - it gets accurate results by bypassing the Windows 95/98 file system using kernel mode virtual device drivers. A similar mechanism is used under Windows NT, although you'll need to register HDTach to get NT support. Write testing is also unsupported in the demo/shareware version.

File Date Description Info Size
htach261.exe 01.02.00 HDTach demo/shareware for Windows95/98 (2.61). The author offers this warning for version 2.61: "Version 2.61 has a problem with ATAPI CD-ROM autoinsert notification on some systems". Check the Info link for more details; you may want to stick with 2.60. TestaCD Labs 957Kb
htach260.exe 27.04.99 HDTach demo/shareware for Windows95/98 (2.60). TestaCD Labs 941Kb