News - September 2001   

Sunday 16th September 2001

The keen-eyed among you in the UK may have noticed a review of XMaps in issue 108 of PC ZONE, under the Extended Play section.  They liked it!  Another top score for XMaps - 5/5...

Sunday 2nd September 2001

Damn, damn and damn. The XMaps 222 client package had a couple of flaws.  They weren't major problems, but XMaps 223 has been released to resolve them.

Just to let you all know - I'm off on holiday from the day after tomorrow, so if you mail me, I won't be able to reply for a couple of weeks.  And no, I am not taking a laptop with me ;-)

Saturday 1st September 2001

XMaps 222 is here! Grab a copy from the Downloads section ... the main new features include Authorised Users (specify the users who can use the HUD Menu) and dynamic game-goal changing (set the time limit, frag limit, flag limit etc. while the game is running).  The client GPFs are fixed, and there are a few tweaks and additions to the HUD Menu.  Check out the Release History in the documentation for details (a full on-line copy can be viewed here).