News - March 2001   

26th March 2001

  • Published the XMaps 206 Pre-release to the XMaps mailing list.  This has the in-game HUD menu, but only for stand-alone games.

25th March 2001

  • Added the Technical Data page.  So far, the page describes all of the sections and keys in all five of XMaps' INI files.

24th March 2001

  • Just to keep you all up to date - I'm currently working on the latest XMaps enhancement, an in-game HUD menu that allows you to control UT using all of XMaps' features.  You can pick maps from any of your lists, Extended or Favourite, for all game types.  You can also skip and replay maps, or just switch game types, and load mutators dynamically.  So far, the HUD menu only supports stand-alone UT, not multiplayer, but that might change.  The stand-alone version is complete; I'm just tweaking the presentation.
  • Also, I'm hoping to start an XMaps FAQ up in these pages soon ... keep an eye on G-Web for updates.

15th March 2001

  • I've had a few emails from users starting UT servers that can't switch maps or game types using the XMaps key bindings; XMaps reports that they are not Admin users.  If the game you're in is running stand-alone, this won't happen, but if you're running a network game, then XMaps makes sure you're 'allowed' to change the map or game type by checking your Admin status.
  • For those of you who aren't familiar with the Admin user concept ... when you start a network game, the Server tab gives you the chance to set up an Admin password; this is the password you need to become recognised as the Admin User.  When the game is playing (or I expect you could set it up in a script or similar), you need to bring down the console and enter the command ADMINLOGIN <password>, where <password> is the Admin Password set up in the Server tab.  Then, you're the admin user and can do things like using XMaps to switch the map or game type.

11th March 2001

  • XMaps 205 released, including the new controls, key bindings and game switching improvements.
  • Before you can sneeze, indeed ... well, after a lot of work finding out just how Assault actually works, I've finally finished off the game switching improvements and key bindings.  For you Assault fans out there, XMaps no longer prevents the second half of a game from being played due to game switching.