News - January 2001   

31st January 2001

  • Just to keep you all up to date, I've started work on the design for game-type switching in XMaps, so that you can go from Deathmatch to Assault to MultiCTF too ...

22nd January 2001

  • XMaps 201 released, the all-new mod-supporting version.  XMaps 201 will upgrade seamlessly from previous versions, so you won't lose your map lists, but if you want to make a backup, just copy XMaps*.ini from your UT\System directory and keep them somewhere safe...  In fact, if you've got any XMaps map lists set up, it might be wise to make backup copies of the ini files in case UT or your PC go up in smoke...

21st January 2001

  • Finally added all the tweaks to the Setup windows - map previews, add and remove all buttons in the map list editors, changing the map prefix for mods, and a whole ton of other stuff. Check out XMaps.txt for the complete list of changes - there's not much point duplicating it all...

14th January 2001

  • XMaps 200 is well under way ... Extended Map Lists and Favourites now support any game type or mod.  The Setup windows have been almost totally rewritten; it's all looking very promising...
  • I've also added a new feature - XMaps Mutators lists.  You can set up a list of Mutators for any game type or mod, and XMaps will load them for you (if they're not already loaded).

7th January 2001

  • Added Match Players routines to always balance the number of players in team games, even when an ideal number of players is not specified by the map designer.

5th January 2001

  • Started designing and developing XMaps 200 ... this is a major improvement, as it will support any game type, including mods.  Yep, any game type at all - install a new mod, and XMaps will support it.  So far the Extended Map Lists are working fine - I've increased the number of custom lists from 48 to 64 to cope with the extra demand.