News - December 2001   

Sunday 16th December 2001

Great news for XMaps ... ModSquad have rated XMaps 224 as their #1 Mutator 'Pick', and given it 10/10 in the review, calling it 'probably the greatest and most useful mutator of all time'!

XMaps owes a lot of its success - and many of its features - to the support and encouragement that ModSquad has given since the very first version, over a year ago now.  XMaps wouldn't be what it is today without the feedback I get from the UT community ... so a big 'thanks' to all of you!

The FAQ and To-do List have been updated to include some notes about the problems that the "Arena: All Maps" game type (which comes with Rocket Arena) can cause with XMaps.  XMaps works as expected with the normal "Rocket Arena" game type, but if you use XMaps with "Arena: All Maps" you may want to have a look at those notes.

Saturday 8th December 2001

XMaps 224 is here!  Grab a copy in your preferred format from the Downloads page.  For the first time in months, XMaps has a new feature - 'Game Override'.  Check out the HUD Menu section in the on-line documentation for more info ;-)  Not quite an Anniversary Edition, but close!

Saturday 1st December 2001

This week, thanks to James Jackson, I've tracked down a problem running XMaps with the MonsterHunt game type, specifically version 5 with the 5.1 update.  Basically, none of the XMaps client-side features will work while MonsterHunt 5.1 is running.  I've been in touch with Shrimp, the developer of MonsterHunt, and he's kindly agreed to correct MonsterHunt's problem in the next release.

On a side-note, only nine days to go until XMaps' first birthday!