News - December 2000   

30th December 2000

  • XMaps 109 released, including all the fixes and improvements since 106.
  • Corrected the problem where XMaps could prevent the final frag animation from being shown in a frag-limit game.  Check the 'Technical Notes - Using XMaps with Custom Game Types' section of XMaps.txt if you need more details.

28th December 2000

  • Improved the random map MRU and the random cycling of Extended Map Lists to take into account the map chosen by the user in the Start Game windows.  Also increased the number of random maps that XMaps reads from 512 to 1,024.
  • Fixed the problem with team-game player matching - XMaps now supports all the different team games that come with UT (Team DeathMatch, Assault, CTF etc.) properly, and I've added extra support for MultiCTF so that the teams aren't uneven when it's played on a normal CTF map.  I've also fixed the bug where map designers use the text "8 to 12" (for example) instead of "8 - 12", which is what XMaps used to expect.  In this case, XMaps would ignore the "to" and try to spawn 812 bots (doh!).  This is out in testing now - there should be a release in the next few days.

23rd December 2000

  • Myrmecophagavir has just let me know there's a problem with XMaps' Match Players feature in Capture the Flag; the number of bots on each team isn't always equal.  This may well affect other team-based games too.  I'll look into this and sort it out, but it won't be until after Christmas, I'm afraid ... sorry.
  • XMaps 106 released.
  • Added a Setup option to choose which part of a level designer's recommended player range to use when Match Players is on.
  • Changed XMaps' startup routine to automatically switch UT's 'Auto Change Levels' option on.

20th December 2000

  • Added a 'Match Players' option to XMaps.  When this is on, XMaps will reset the level's minimum number of players (when running on a network server) or the number of bots (when running stand-alone) to the number of players for which the map was designed.  If the map designer didn't add that information to the map, then XMaps uses the normal game settings.  Many thanks to Myrmecophagavir for this great idea.

17th December 2000

  • XMaps 103 released.
  • Added partial map prefix matching to Extended and Favourite map lists.  This improves support for Strike Force (SF) maps and fixes the bug that caused Favourites for non-standard game types to be ignored during 'Random - with Favourites' games.

16th December 2000

  • XMaps 102 released.
  • Added support for Conquest (CNQ), Dominate the Flag (DTF), Flag Domination (FD) and Strike Force (SF) map lists.  The number of Extended Map lists is increased from 32 to 48 to cope with the extra demand.  I don't have a copy of Strike Force, so if anyone sets up a list for SF maps, could they let me know whether XMaps is supporting it correctly? Thanks...

12th December 2000

  • Changed XMaps to recognise different games (Capture the Flag, Deathmatch...) by map prefix instead of class.  This means that the map lists will now work game mods that use standard maps.  For example, all XMaps' Capture the Flag lists will now work with MultiTeam CTF, CTF4 and SlaveMaster CTF.  Many thanks to Mental for pointing this out and testing the changes.

10th December 2000

  • XMaps 100 released.