News - August 2001   

Sunday 26th August 2001

Work on the new version of XMaps is going well - I've added a Maximum Random Maps setting for servers and a 'Sort map lists' option for the HUD Menu (see the To-do List for details).  The updated documentation is ready - I'm really just mopping up as many outstanding issues as I can find at the moment, so XMaps 222 should be along soon...

Wednesday 15th August 2001

In case you haven't noticed, the To-do List has been updated with several new features that I plan to introduce in the next release of XMaps.  These include Authorised Users for XMaps and the ability to change the game goals and time limit while a game is playing.  Take a look and, if you have any ideas or opinions, feel free to drop me a line.

Sunday 12th August 2001

Well, the good news is that I've found a solution to the problem where network clients were causing GPFs.  Fortunately the problem wasn't caused by client redirection, so I'll keep the compressed version of the client in the non-umod archive.  The changes will be included in the next full release of XMaps.

All the code for the other oustanding items in the To-do List is done and tested; so now it's time to browse through the pile of New Feature Ideas and see what you lot have come up with.  Hmmm...

Friday 10th August 2001

More great news for XMaps - the t6 re-design of the site is complete ... hello Netscape users!

Thursday 2nd August 2001

Great news for XMaps ... ModSquad awards another 10/10 for XMaps 220 in the review.